About BC Organ




Q: Do you offer service on organs other than Hammond?
A: Of Course! Lowery, Gulbranson, Conn, are just a few of the organs we work on.

Q: Do you service pipe organs?
A: No. Please feel free to call us and we will refer you to a qualified technician.

Q: Can I bring my organ or Leslie to your shop?
A: Items can be dropped off for repair, but we prefer to do repairs in your church or home. Many times problems can be caused by environmental issues and working on your organ where it will be played can solve many unexpected problems in the future. Touring musicians can feel free to call and arrange for drop off or pick up of instruments.

Q: I bought a Leslie on Ebay and it doesn’t work, can you help?
A: Yes. It is very common for people to not get what they expected when they buy Leslie’s on Ebay. We will gladly bring your Leslie up to working condition.

Q: Are you a member of MITA?
A: Yes, I am a proud member of MITA.

Q: Do you sell Trek II or Speakeasy Vintage Music Products?
A: Yes! In addition to any Hammond Suzuki Parts and Accessories you may need we happily sell and install Trek II and Speakeasy products.

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