About BC Organ



In addition to the following Organs on our showroom floor we always have Hammond B3’s, C3’s and A-100’s available as well as many types of Hammond spinets.  All Hammond Organs are sold with your choice of a new, used or customized Leslie speaker. 

Hammond New B3:

A New Hammond B3 is an exact duplication of the original with many modern updates.  With features like Pedal sustain, Midi, Overdrive and tone controls this organ is the new classic.


Hammond 935 with Leslie 814:

The Hammond 935 offers everything to the organist.  In addition to the original Hammond drawbar organ sound the 935 offers amazing classic pipe voices.  Very popular in churches who wish to have traditional as well as contemporary music in their services.


Hammond A-100:

A showroom quality all original A-100 ready to be sold alone or with a Leslie.   



Hammond B2:

A beautiful Hammond B2 with many upgrades.  This model includes a Trek II Solid State Pre-amp, Reverb, and a Trek II percussion unit.  All the same features of a B3 are included here and more at half the cost of an original B3.  Come hear it for yourself!


Hammond BC:

A Hammond BC with a Trek II Solid State Pre-amp and Trek II percussion.  The BC has a drawbar for “Chorus” and knob for “Tremulant” that brings unique tones not offered by the more common “Vibrato and Chorus” on the B2 and B3 models. 


Hammond C3:

An all original Hammond C3 in beautiful condition. 




Hammond D-152:

The ultimate original Hammond tonewheel organ for the church.  This organ includes a 32 note concave pedal board, extra pedal voices and a Trek II Solid State Pre-amp.


Hammond 285 A:

A three manual Hammond 285 A is Hammonds take on the traditional pipe organ.  The 285 A has all the features of a pipe organ in a self contained console that must be heard to be believed.

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